Getting started

So I have decided to get started in woodworking. I have built the occasional bit of furniture before, most notably a writing desk, inspired by this one, in my dad’s workshop, using his table saw and router, and mostly doweled butt joints.

Some planes, sniped at Ebay

But, since my dad’s workshop is quite a drive from here, I have decided to set up my own shop. Since I can’t afford power tools (and, in particular, I never liked the possibility to cut my fingers off), I will take the hand tool route. So far, I have acquired some wooden planes on ebay, and ordered this pretty tool set for career starters (since I figured, that this couldn’t be wrong for starting out, although I won’t make a career from this). I have tried sharpening the blade of the cheapest-looking plane (the right one) with the scary-sharp system, so far with promising results. (I couldn’t really test it. You can run into serious trouble with SWMBO, if you have sharpened a blade for the first time and try to plane random wooden surfaces in the kitchen).

For the better looking plane, I’m waiting for the water stone from the kit. Also, I found a large jointing plane in my granddad’s garage (no picture yet, and also not yet sharpened).

The most important issue at the moment  is obviously the lack of a workbench. I have been contemplating to build one, and as expected from every aspiring bench builder, I have bought the workbench book, but I’m a bit afraid of the joinery, and, in particular, of glueing the bench top. The other option is to buy an old workbench and try to refurbish and polish it. More news on that soon, together with some pictures of the shop-to-be (which is limited in space, but can’t be topped in terms of location, as you will see…)

Oh, and the design of the blog obviously needs some work, but check back soon –


~ by Michael on February 3, 2010.

3 Responses to “Getting started”

  1. Hi Michael,

    schöner Blog! Ich hoffe Du sprichst auch Deutsch?

    Das Set finde ich nicht perfekt. Wenn Du alles einzeln bestellst, bist Du bei gerade einmal 205,20 (Ohne die Tasche). Dabei kostet allein der Hammer 19,80 und einen Hammer hat wohl jeder, oder? Der Stein ist mag zwar gut sein für Stechbeitel; mit 150*50mm ist er für Hobeleisen aber schon zu klein. Und wenn Du nicht zimmern willst, würde ich mir lieber einen fest stehenden Winkel kaufen.

    Ich würde das umtauschen und lieber einzeln bestellen.

    Liebe Grüße

  2. Hi Pedder,

    Ich spreche Deutsch, ja 🙂

    Hm, guter Punkt, ich habe das glaube ich gar nicht ausgerechnet. Dass der Stein zu klein für Hobeleisen ist, habe ich gar nicht bedacht. Vielen Dank für den Hinweis!
    Und wenn man bedenkt, dass ich einen Winkel (und einen Hammer:)) habe, dann stecke ich das Geld lieber in einen größeren Stein, da hast Du völlig recht. Hoffentlich haben sie’s noch nicht verschickt, dann kann ich das noch ändern.
    Vielen Dank jedenfalls, und ebenfalls viele Grüße,


    (da hat sich’s ja schon gelohnt, den Blog zu betreiben)

  3. w, I have finally found some shop time again, and I almost finished the project from the woodworking class. As you might remember, this project is a basic stool, with mortise-and-tenon

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