Workbench acquired

Just a quick update:

I bought a used and not-too-good looking workbench. I figured that I could afford the 20€, and if nothing else, it’s still good enough to use it for the build of the real one.

With not-too-good looking, I mean, that the bench top needs some cleaning and possibly planing, but it is solid beech, so it should be worth the effort. The bench features a dust collector (aka tool tray), a wooden front vise and a wooden (not the classic L-shaped) tail vise.

I’m still waiting for the tools that I ordered, in particular for the water stone, but they should arrive this week. So if everything goes as expected, I have a partly functional shop from this weekend on.

I don’t have pictures yet, but as soon as I have figured out how to transport the bench to the shop (my car is way too small for stuff like that), photos of the shop with workbench will follow.

Stay tuned!


~ by Michael on February 8, 2010.

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