Almost like christmas

Hi everyone,

Things are moving fast. I managed to organize a transporter from the truck company in my house (in exchange, I promised to do some babysitting, which in fact should be quite pleasing with the sweetie), and tomorrow, I’ll move the workbench to the shop.

This is a situation that can occur if someone without a shop sharpens his plane iron for the first time; it is guaranteed to cause trouble.

Furthermore, two packages arrived yesterday – almost better than christmas. One was from, containing two japanese saws, two chisels, a water stone and a honing guide. The other package contained The Fine Art of Cabinetmaking. I was really deeply troubled which package I should open first…

So, I’m ready to set up the shop this weekend, and I’m really looking forward to it.

First thing to do is probably to clean and plane the benchtop, and then find (or create) some place for tool storage, maybe with the french cleat system that I saw at Dan’s shop.

And for the first projects (apart from sawing practice), I’m considering to build either a saw bench, or a (much needed) shoe rack, just to practice some joints with some cheap wood.


~ by Michael on February 11, 2010.

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