Waiting for the weekend..

Almost weekend, at last. And, even better, a weekend with some shop time – at least, that’s planned. We visited my parents last weekend, and I acquired the jointer plane from my grandfather that I mentioned before. It’s a massive beast, something like 60cm (something like 23 in), made from beech and quite heavy. Right now, I have sharpened the blade, resisted the considerable temptation to test it on the kitchen table (which could need some planing, by the way, but that’s not approved by LOML) and put it in the workshop box. Which reminds me that I really need to build a toolbox.

Anyway, as mentioned by Brian from Galoototron, I really need to leave acquiring and building tools and get my hands on wood. For this weekend, I planned to build a shoe rack. As far as I have drafted it now, it will be good practice in mortise and tenon joints, and, even more important, it is planned to be a one-weekend project, so that I can show some results to LOML and prevent her from losing patience…

Brian – you made a good point about saws. I have a ryoba and a dozuki, and as far as I can see from my limited sawing experience, I’m not limited by the saws , but by sawing skills that show some potential for improvement (mildly put). And I have a panel saw, that was given to me from my dad around my eighth birthday. It looks like it could need some sharpening, I wonder how that happened…

Oh, and I planned to visit a local lumberyard on saturday. I hope they’re open and have some free cherry boards to give away . Ok, I’m happy if they’re open.

So much for now, photos and reports after the weekend.


~ by Michael on March 4, 2010.

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