Shoulder plane kit

Surfing through the web, I found this great-looking plane in kit form:

(the picture is shamelessly linked from the original website,

After some contemplation, I found that I don’t own a shoulder plane, and I remembered that I really messed up some tenon shoulders  last time when I tried to pare them with a chisel. And I consulted the metalworker at my job, and he got quite excited about those dovetails, and he agreed that he would not only supervise (and teach me basic metalworking) me when building this, but that I also could use his tools. After work, of course.

After having reached this point, I dropped Aled an email and ordered the kit. Now I’m waiting for the kit to arrive… Oh, and my plan is to document my catastrophic failure in metal working here on this blog.

This weekend, it’s shop time again. The plan is to finish the side pieces of the previously mentioned shoe rack, by shaping the stretchers with a draw knife (I came up with a hopefully pretty design idea) and m&t-joining them to legs.

Oh, and by the way, if you plan to build a rack with three boards, each separated from the other by 20cm, the resulting total heigth (and length of the side pieces) is not 60cm. Stupid me (but it could have been worse – I could have shortened the legs to 40cm, and later find out that I’d have needed 60..)

And, in the evenings, when the daylight is gone (I still don’t have electric light in the shop), I’ll try to sharpen those moulding planes, as suggested by Dan here.

So long, thanks for reading.


~ by Michael on March 12, 2010.

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  1. a very unique lath. looks good.

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