The shoulder plane kit arrived

I had a nice surprise today when I came home from work, my infill shoulder plane kit from Aled Dafis has arrived.  That was really quick – thanks Aled! I have seldom seen a kit that has been prepared with so much care. Already in unassembled kit form, this plane looks extremely cute, yet functional:

The kit, as it arrived. Sorry for the poor photography, I didn't have my SLR camera here, so I used the compact one

The instructions that come with it are really detailed, and  with instructive pictures for all critical steps. I looks like it would be entirely my fault if something goes wrong… I really can’t wait to start building. Since I don’t have much experience in metal work, I have talked a metal worker at my job into supervising my build of this kit (that was, in fact, quite easy). Plus the additional bonus that I can use his tools – after work, of course. Stay tuned, I’m going to document the build here on my blog.

Regarding the shoe rack: Obviously, there aren’t many design options for an utility furniture like that. I came up with a design similar to this one,  originally, I had planed to use three thin and long boards for each stretcher. For the short stretchers on the sides, I’d like to shape some curved, well, shapes, and I have already accounted for that with the mortises. But now, in the interest of gaining some skills regarding mortises and tenons, I have modified my plan for the long stretchers and plan follow Brian’s design and create 36 m&t joints. That should help.

So much for tonight, thanks for reading!



~ by Michael on March 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “The shoulder plane kit arrived”

  1. You know, to be honest, I probably would not do that shoe rack design a second time, because I found another design I liked better halfway through the project. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of that.

    But, yeah, it sure is good practice for mortise-and-tenon joints, and doesn’t look too terrible in the end.

  2. I’m glad that the kit arrived safely, and that you’re pleased with it. I’m looking forward to see how you get on with the build.

    Remember, as always, to get in touch if you need any assistance.



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