Handtool woodworking class – update

I noticed that it has been quite a while since my last post – sorry about that! I have been busy with a lot of non-woodworking stuff…

Now, I have finally found some shop time again, and I almost finished the project from the woodworking class. As you might remember, this project is a basic stool, with mortise-and-tenon base. On the last evening in the woodworking class, I glued up the base and managed to get it (almost) square. For the top, I collected a lot of scraps (cherry, walnut and oak), and joined them together. I closely followed the steps in my woodworking bible (the Tage Frid book), basically, I used a shooting board and joined consecutive edges with top and bottom down, respectively, to minimize gaps. This worked out a lot better and easier as I expected (and feared), and after glueing, I couldn’t find any gaps. The bicolor shavings in the picture might give you a vague impression of the finished top. In fact, it looks much better than I ever expected.

Pretty, aren't they?

For the finish, I planed and scraped the whole thing, and added two coats of boiled linseed oil. The BLO brought out the colors really nicely, especially the walnut got a very deep shimmer (my English leaves me here…)

Pictures of the whole thing, as you know by now, in the next post, which will be written when the BLO is dry.

One question that I still haven’t decided on is how to fix the top to the base. I think I’ll just use two dowels through the stretchers, to allow for some wood movement. (Although that won’t matter much, considering the scale of this project).

So far, thanks for reading!


~ by Michael on June 7, 2010.

One Response to “Handtool woodworking class – update”

  1. Fun looking shavings – can’t wait to see the finished stool!

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