Marking gauge

As previously discussed at Wood’n’bits, woodworkers have a need for several marking gauges. Since I owned only one, and figured that my poor woodworking skills might somehow be related to this lack of measuring devices, I decided to build this particularly nice, one-hand-adjustable example.

The article from Popular Woodworking can be downloaded for free, and I highly recommend it. After something like two hours in my shop (at something like 35°C, feel free to convert this here), I ended up with an almost-functional gauge:

For now, the pin is still missing, since I didn’t have a broken drill bit, and I didn’t want to break one for this purpose. The wedge is still not the final version, that particular detail making it a captive wedge is missing (I blew it away with the chisel, and I didn’t have the time to make a new one, this lake and the beloved one were calling for a bathing expedition).

And since the pin is stil missing, I couldn’t really test drive the gauge, but of course, I did some dry runs. The gauge really fits greatly and naturally in the hand, and the one-hand adjusting really works fine. So, in conclusion, this was a fine and quick afternoon project, I can highly recommend it.

Oh, and I changed the header picture of the blog, the moonlit, snow-covered one was not really suitable for this time of the year…


~ by Michael on July 5, 2010.

4 Responses to “Marking gauge”

  1. Great post, Michael. Most hobby shops sell “piano wire” (it will be sold under a number of names). This “wire” is quite hard and yet you can cut it with a hacksaw. An 1/8″ piece of it will cost very little and provide dozens of pins for these gauges.

  2. Thanks, Larry. I’m not quite sure how ‘piano wire’ translates to German, but I’ll do a quick research. And thanks for the inspiration for the marking gauge!

  3. Looks good. I use a veritas micro adjust gauge and find it very useful. What I could really use is a panel gauge. Anyway enough about me.

    Great project, look forward to seeing it progress.

    Also I like the seasonal outlook in the blog. I think that’s something to keep up throughout the year.

  4. Nice blog Michael, I do enjoy reading it.
    As for the pin, I have used masonry nails and found them good enough for me (just my 2 cents …)

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