This blog describes my progress in woodworking with hand tools. My dad has planted the seed a long time ago, I think I got my first (and only, yet) panel saw when I was eight. Since then, I have occasionally build furniture in my dad’s well equipped shop, but recently I decided that I need my own shop, in the garden shed that you can see in the header. This garden shed is quite limited in terms of space, so a table saw or similar power tools are out of questions, besides, I can’t afford it. This led me on the slippery slope, as it is commonly called, of handtool-only woodworking. I’m really flattered by the amount of information that is available on the internet (have a look at my blog roll for an obviously incomplete selection), this blog is an attempt to give a very little bit of information back.

I live in southern Bavaria in Germany, so, if I try to keep my approach traditional, I should use a bow saw for almost every sawing job, chisels and wooden planes as my main tools. So far, I have equipped myself with all (well, most of, I’m afraid it never ends…) planes that I need on Ebay, but the bow saw is still missing, at the moment, I’m using two japanese saws.

Stay tuned, if you wish, and feel free to contact me, if you wish,  at michael.ingrisch@googlemail.com




I think it is time for an update. By now, I have extended my saw collection quite a bit:

  • traditional bow saw, acquired at a garage sale, sharpened, but now equipped with a japanese blade. I use this saw quite a lot
  • panel saws: a small “Fuchsschwanz” with a beautiful handle and a large rip panel saw from the flea marked. One day I’m going to write a post about those
  • a gent’s saw from Thomas Flinn, Sheffield. I haven’t tried this baby out yet, it arrived only yesterday. But she’s definitely a beauty.

All these new and shiny (well, some) tools obviously don’t make me a better woodworker, but I hope, they make the path to becoming one easier.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. I couldn’t find an email link, so I am posting this here.

    Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog and have added it to my blogroll. I look forward to following your progress.

    – Dan

  2. Thanks, Dan! I feel honoured!
    I can only give back that compliment – in fact, it was your blog that inspired me to set one up myself. Thanks for all the inspiration from Alaska!

    (Your blogroll entry already led to a skyrocketing increase click numbers:))

  3. Michael…I discovered your blog yesterday and have added it to my list of favorite places to visit. I began collecting handtools when stationed at Hahn AB during the early 80s in the Hunsruck. I looked forward to spending my “allowance” each Saturday at the local hardware and DIY centers. I purchased my first antique planes from an auction through the mail. I was really hooked. Since then I was lucky to be stationed in Okinawa Japan where I found more antique and new Japanese woodworking tools. Although I use power tools for really big jobs, I prefer using handtools. It takes only a few hours to master power tools but a lifetime to master handtools. Besides, when was the last time you ever heard of a woodworker accidentally sawing off a finger with a handsaw? Thanks, and keep us to good work. Mark

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